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Share Some Love and Orthodontists!

You will get $100, a friend will get $100, and $100 goes to the nonprofit Smiles Change Lives - here's how.

Our mission at Ortho Engagement is simple: to help orthodontists reach as many clients as possible through the power of conversation online.
We've partnered with Smiles Change Lives, a nonprofit that strives to provide access to life-changing orthodontic treatment for children.
Through this partnership, we're looking to gather referrals, and share the love. If you participate, Smiles Change Lives gets $100, the practice you refer gets $100, and you'll get $100 for any new sign-ups that occur.

Referring someone is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Fill in our form.
  • Our dedicated team will contact the new potential practice to discuss our services.
  • If they sign up, you, the new practice, and Smiles Change Lives will each receive $100.


When will the money be credited?

As soon as the new practice completes a month of service & pays their first invoice.

How many Ortho’s can I refer?

As many as you like, keep them coming!
We welcome all Orthodonists, no matter the size of the practice!

Can I refer an Ortho but not use Ortho Engagement myself?

You sure can!

Can I refer an Ortho that already uses live chat?

Yes you can, as long as they are not a client of Ortho Engagement.

I have a question that’s not listed, what should I do?

No problem, feel free to contact us via live chat or the methods below:
T: +1 702 986 0846