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“This service was easy to get set up and within 7 minutes of going live Ortho Engagement’s specialists were converting a new consult request!

Up to now, I’ve never been able to maximize all the visits I get to my website, which is just lost opportunities month after Month. And for my patients or prospects to have 365 access without me adding any additional staff is great. Not to mention a competitive advantage in my marketplace where patients have plenty of options.”

Dr. Michael ThurmanThurman Orthodontics, Bakersfield, CA

“These past 4 months of having Ortho Engagement as a business partner have been truly impactful! It is eye-opening how much prospective patients enjoy the personal online engagement with our office. It gives them a sense of already belonging to our patient family, thus decreasing the likelihood of them looking elsewhere.

More so, the hand off of information is so smooth that it makes the new patient phone call to schedule their exam 2-3 minutes in length rather than 10-12 minutes because my staff already has the necessary information prior to the phone call.

Simply put, Ortho Engagement is now the new standard of providing the best possible office experience for your patients! It has truly set us apart from the other offices in the area.”

Dr. Jonathan NicozisisWest Windsor & Princeton Orthodontics, Princeton, NJ

“I was hesitant to start something new because I had been burned by past marketing spends that lasted for months with no results. With Ortho Engagement I can go month to month and the pricing is performance based.

Also, within the first week I’d gotten several new consult requests… so it was already paying for itself.This service just makes sense as we try to maximize every opportunity we can from our web visitors. If you are growth minded, give this a try.”

Dr. Andrew AppelAppel Orthodontics, Philly, PA

“We had been DIY-ing our chat for about a year and thought we were doing a pretty great job, however we had no real metrics to track our success and, therefore, were basically operating in the dark.

Jeff and his team have shown us the light and we have been astounded at the amount of new and customer service leads that continue to flow in daily and weekly. Ortho Engagement has quickly become one of our ‘cannot do without’ technologies.”

Dr. Jamie ReynoldsSpillane & Reynolds Orthodontics, Novi, MI

“I have a smaller practice in a rural area with fewer potential patients to pull from. This means I really have to set myself apart with innovation and customer experience. Ortho Engagement fits perfectly into my practice on both fronts and our staff loves it!

Giving us the ability to wow patients and prospects before they ever come in the door and one heck of a competitive advantage for those prospects deciding between us and one of our rural competitors.

I’ve been in this business for a long time and rarely does a fresh idea like this come across my desk. I believe in it so much that I’ve started to share it with my close friends.”

Dr. Jep PaschalPaschal Orthodontics, Madison, GA

“Ortho Engagement consistently deliver over 20-30 New Consult Requests per month as effectively as my staff could. And they handle over 40 Customer Service Engagements monthly, which significantly reduces the number of office voicemails to respond to.

They are like a patient concierge and sales team all rolled into one. In a high touch industry like ours, this service will become the norm.”

Dr. Anil J. Idicullai-Orthodontics, Denver, CO

“Starting with Ortho Engagement was a total no-brainer. It took our website to the next level and allows us to engage prospective patients on their schedule 24/7.

Jeff and his team continue to innovate and improve the methods of patient acquisition. I feel very fortunate to be one of his early clients and can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.”

Dr. Matthew DunnDunn Orthodontics, Phoenix, AZ

“My office is now open ‘virtually’ 24/7 since working with Ortho Engagement…. Offering this degree of customer service to our patients is unparalleled.

Not only does Ortho Engagement assist us on generating new patient leads, but it allows us to address our current patients’ needs such as rescheduling and emergencies.
We could not imagine running our practice without this service.”

Dr. Damon SzymanowskiSzymanowski Orthodontics, Sacramento, CA

“Ortho Engagement’s creation has tapped into the mindsets of the world’s alpha moms….
Nobody has time to talk on the phone these days…. And with online concierge VIP service….
My future new additions to the patient family can ask questions to their heart’s desire….. All the way to an initial exam….

This will be the norm soon, glad we jumped on it early.”

Dr. Matthew LinebergerLineberger Orthodontics, Huntersville, NC

“I’m really glad we jumped on the Ortho Engagement train when we did! It was easy to get going and I have found it to be worth the money. Thanks Ortho Engagement for taking great care of our practice and patients!”

Dr. Justin TrimmellJackson Orthodontics, Charlotte, NC

“Since starting with Ortho Engagement my staff and I have been nothing short of amazed!!
Ortho Engagements’ staff have been outstanding in responding to our patients and staff members’ needs. Total game changer for our new patient acquisition. I give Ortho Engagement my full endorsement and highest recommendation.”

Dr. Mark Farina

“Just started a month ago but so far I have been very impressed with the degree of customer service and level of professionalism displayed in the chat transcripts I’ve read.
The Ortho Engagement team treats our patients like their own. And they have become a seamless part of our team. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Paolo Poidmore

“Jeff and his team have developed a product that defines EASY, both for my team and the patients. New and existing patients can have an energetic and compassionate chat conversation 24/7 with one of his killer chat analysts.

Our first full month using his service (our slowest month of the year) funnelled 22 leads into our practice with a 65% conversion ratio.This is the easiest money I’ve ever spent!”

Dr. Derek Bock

“I’ve tried other chat services before, but they just weren’t as effective as Ortho Engagement.
You can’t beat the instantaneous results for the price you pay. I can’t believe the number of chat requests that we’ve gotten, especially after business hours.

The service makes perfect sense for those who don’t have time during the day to call.
Not to mention, the chat representatives are very friendly, professional and make the patient feel more comfortable knowing they can reach out at any time. I highly recommend to those that need a quick and steady boost of new patients.”

Dr. Vladimir Tabakman

“Ortho Engagement’s team have been amazing so far! In 2 weeks we’ve had 6 new patient leads and 9 customer service chats come through on our website AFTER HOURS. The way the reps handle each query is truly an extension of our practice as well as our philosophy in delivering great customer service.Ortho Engagement has been a game-changer for us already!”

Dr. Jeffrey Mastroianni

“I am very pleased! We have had numerous existing and new patients comment that they really liked the ability to chat to a live person from our website. Receiving the transcripts has definitely made us more efficient in scheduling new patient exams as well as getting quicker answers to our existing patients who choose to use the service.

We know immediately when someone has been to our website and wants a new patient consultation. Ortho Engagement has been an excellent addition to our practice!”

Dr. Stan Cox

“Engaging prospective clients with Ortho Engagement has been a game-changer for us.
We’ve been able to engage website shoppers on a whole new level since going live.
The team is able to answer tough questions presented by the shoppers and do a wonderful job of connecting with the prospective patients.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of each and every chat. The transition was seamless and they have been available to answer all of our questions at all times. Do yourself a favor and contact Ortho Engagement today, you can thank yourself later.”

Dr. Brian Thurman

“Our practice has been an early adopter of this outstanding service. Innovative, creative and very engaging! We feel Ortho Engagement has definitely improved the interface of our practice with not only prospective new patients BUT ALSO our present ones!

Our practice image has skyrocketed because of the amazing quality and ‘authenticness’ of those personal interactions. Simply, well done. Our highest recommendations! Stay excellent.”

Dr. Randy Feldman

“There are so many companies that talk about a ROI with their products or services. As most of you know, very seldom does the ROI work out to the sales projections. Ortho Engagement is one of those companies that is very genuine with their clients and surpasses their expectations not only in performance but also in the customer service and feedback departments as well.

I love the honest and accurate communication and working with Jeff and his team makes them very easy to do business with. This company and service will continue to grow not necessarily because of the niche they are in but because of who they are and the culture the company mandates.”

Dr. Ray Rafetto

“Ortho Engaement has given me 24/7 digital peace of mind. I no longer have to worry about if prospective patients that are searching our website after hours are finding what they need to get them to call in and make an appointment.

In today’s digital world, where both parents are increasingly working more and more during the day… this is where a lot of decisions are getting made and meetings are being set – from our phones, on the couch, late at night.

After much due diligence, I decided to jump on board. It’s only been a month and already I’ve had compliments from my current patients and my new patients have been quite impressed with this level of VIP treatment from their initial visit to our website.

I firmly believe that adding OE to my office’s already established high-end level of service will only improve upon it. No need to worry what’s happening on your website while you’re in the office or after hours. OE has you covered.”

Dr. Todd Welsh

“We’ve recently started using Ortho Engagement and the response has already been very positive. Current patients appreciate the convenience, and for new patients it’s just one less barrier to starting treatment.

It helps prospective patients who may be surfing for information become engaged in your website and your practice.To my knowledge, you can’t find an employee specifically trained to monitor your website 24/7 for this price.

We see great value here and believe it’s the final piece to the superior online presence puzzle.”

Dr. Colin Webb

“AMAZING customer service! It was just like we would have handled it and we are extremely picky about customer service. It was perfection!”

Dr. Jeremy Davidson

“We have been using for over 4 months now and not only has OE been a great addition to our practice but has the same business concept as us – to continually get better! The lead dialogues have been extremely professional, curtailed just the way we like them, and have a great energy and excitement to them! Can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thanks again.”

Dr. Benjamin Larrabee

“We started Ortho Engagement months ago and it has been awesome for our practice.
Highly recommended.”

Dr. Kurt Kacer

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